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Managed Services
Supported by SAHEL IT’s 24-7 bilingual helpdesk and nation-wide engineering resources, SAHEL IT maintenance services are gathered into customizable professional package solutions. SAHEL IT proposes three different levels of Service Level Agreement, offering you the possibility to be provided with the most suitable solution.
Systems Integration Services
The value SAHEL IT provides is not so much the products it delivers to your doorstep, but rather the design and implementation that come with those products. SAHEL IT approach is to use off-the-shelf solutions where possible, which we then adapt to meet each customer’s needs.
Software Consultancy Services
Whereas technologies can help you improve your overall business performance, their use is commonly limited to the management and execution of your daily work. Our vision is to align IT and business objectives, give technologies a role in the business management strategy, and turn IT investment into sources of profit and savings.

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