Business Applications Run Businesses

Work flow processes in today's modern enterprises rely increasingly on their business software applications. The work scope of today's CIO has in many ways merged with that the traditional COO. Moreover, these applications - ERP, Financials, HR, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and so on - are seldom stand-alone applications; on the contrary, they are ultimately drawing on an interlocked group of databases.

SAHEL IT's job is to find the right combination of off-the-shelf components and customized development to best support each customer's unique constellation of business needs and existing systems, then help our customers to integrate these new solutions into their existing processes and systems. In this process, where needed SAHEL IT can draw on its own in-house software development team.

SAHEL IT's Partners

While 100% customized applications provide a maximum of flexibility, in many cases off-the-shelf applications may be a better choice. The reason is simple: tried and tested applications have a number of advantages in terms of stability and advanced functionality.

With this in mind, SAHEL IT sealed a partnership agreement with very experiences ERP provider UFIDA to jointly develop a new English-French language version of its market-leading U8 software package. This partnership with UFIDA's international division continues to today.

In addition to UFIDA, SAHEL IT also supports the following business software applications:

  • Maximizer
  • SAP (in conjuction with Delaware Consulting
  • Sage / Saleslogix - a mid-market suite of business software applications particularly known for its award-winning customer relationship management solutions

Supporting and implementing a business software package requires a considerable amount of specialized knowledge, so SAHEL IT's principle is to concentrate on a limited number of solutions - and support these both professionally and comprehensively.

Empowering Your Business

The value of business applications lie in constantly and dynamically improving the way a company does business. By applying technologies to enterprise management, we help our clients empower every aspect of their business operation and create competitive advantages based on the efficiency and reliability of their business processes.

In line with our vision and background, we choose to promote collaborative business models in Africa market. We are committed to help our clients reach their overall business objectives using the best of what technologies can offer today, and offering our expertise in organizational structures management.

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