Software Consulting

Whereas technologies can help you improve your overall business performance, their use is commonly limited to the management and execution of your daily work. Our vision is to align IT and business objectives, give technologies a role in the business management strategy, and turn IT investment into sources of profit and savings.

One of our most important responsibilities is to guide clients in considering ways in which technologies can act as an enabling force in their companies. We find ways in which technology can increase the efficiency of existing processes where possible, and we assist our customers with setting up new ones。Our multicultural background brings unique benefits to our customers in the form of clear communication, and an broad understanding of international standards and quality expectations.


Processes will vary depending on the type of situation, but typically we can differentiate six phases:

  • Business Needs Assessment: audit of existing IT hardware and software solutions; identification of perceived problem areas and operation bottlenecks; review and study of existing in-house workflows and retail processes
  • Design: submission of recommendations detailing solution options (off-the-shelf + customized, on a case by case basis), implementation methodologies, delivery models and best business practices to be incorporated within the solution design; migration plan (where applicable); scheduled timelines and project deliverables
  • Development (for customized software development)
  • Testing
  • Implementation: joint review of solutions options and associated risks, on-site execution of migration plan
  • Acceptance

In all of these phases, our clients are supported not only by experienced in-house staff, but also by SAHEL IT's standardized quality control processes.

Service offerings

SAHEL IT's integrated approach amplifies the quality of results in a wide range of areas:

  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Business Process Solution Design
  • Off-the-shelf Business Software Customization
  • Made-to-fit Software Development Solutions (Solution-Based)
  • Modular Software Development, Debugging and Testing (Task-Based)
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Campus Structured Cabling and Conduit Design
  • Machine Room Design
  • Call Center Design
  • Audio Video Facility Design
  • Voice and Data Networks Design
  • LAN Assessment and Auditing, WAN Traffic Analysis
  • Optimization and Redundancy Planning