Systems Integration

The value SAHEL IT provides is not so much the products it delivers to your doorstep, but rather the design and implementation that come with those products. SAHEL IT approach is to use off-the-shelf solutions where possible, which we then adapt to meet each customer’s needs. To provide the type of standards-based cutting-edge solutions and support that our clients expect, SAHEL IT not only works closely with its key manufacturing partners, but also provides implementation services by itself – not through outsourced subcontractors.

“Doing it ourselves” is key strength #1, allowing us to deliver international standards and to provide our customers with the type of closely coordinated project management services that they require for mission-critical projects. We can almost always avoid subcontracting because our core competencies which we support in-house cover over 95% of our actual business

SAHEL IT's Project Management

The extensive experience of project-related work in China that ITR project management and technical teams have accumulated is essential for the smooth roll-out of every project. In particular, the benefits of these best-practices are translated in: 

  • Customized Design
  • Attention to Details
  • Unification of Processes
  • High Value Placed on Adherence to Standards


Most importantly, multiple checks built into SAHEL IT's project management system guarantee our high quality levels.

Service offer

SAHEL IT provides comprehensive services to help you design and implement high quality IT turnkey solutions for your offices, factories, call and data centers, logistics and sales points.