Management Team

Description and proof of the credibility of our management team,   The management team is one of the key elements to a business plan. The plan must convey the past experience and talents of the management team and its ability to deliver on the goals set by the plan. If this section is weak, the entire plan loses much of its credibility.

In the IT infrastructure supplying and distribution, management team is the key important basis of a company success, partnering with suppliers and customers, providing services and realizing customers satisfaction. In this line of ideas setting up a core team of professional is highly required.

SAHEL IT Services has set a strong Management Team to prove its competence, credibility and determination to achieve the goals, according to following organizational structure :



Mr. D. BARKE IBRAHIM is the Managing Director - MD & Chairman of the board. The board meeting is held 2 twice a year in March and September. The board of directors is composed with 4 other shareholders (all of them Non-Executive) as follows :

  • Mr. Adamou TOUNE ABARCHI (Sharepoint Developer at NACHC in USA)
  • Mr. Soumana HAMA KADRI (Network Administrator at Siemens (Beijing) in CHINA)
  • Mr. Bachir ABBA (NIGERIA)
  • Mr. Mahamadou D. BARKE (Airtel - NIGER