Issue Summary Issue Description Issue No. Identified by Identified Date Project Name Status Type Priority Resolution Summary
3G VPN Test Issue

The 3G VPN test configuration problem, the configuration provided has been used, but VPN tunnels still not UP

ZFADFUXAO8 Anonymous 2012-07-24 Unspecified Project In-Progress Defect High

Please provide the complete topology of your testing environment

PON Implementation

The PT6600 HW issue, The control card self reboot after sometimes

ZGZVFUUNBJ Anonymous 2013-04-02 Unspecified Project Open Defect Low

It is being tested on the plateforme, HW may be replaced

The MSAP Implementation Provide documentation ZMTE1EL3O6 Anonymous 2013-05-30 Unspecified Project Open Documentation Low
MP1800-10WG I can't remote reboot my 3G router by SMS ZFOC2MEZAB D. BARKE Ibrahim 2015-03-10 Unspecified Project Open Defect Low
ETH Modem We can not synchronize 2 modems on 512K DIP configuration Z93QJWY6MD D. BARKE Ibrahim 2015-02-03 Unspecified Project Open Defect Low
Probleme de connexion

le routeur 3G ne se connecte en mode LAN

ZPO94MVKQ7 D. BARKE Ibrahim 2015-03-27 Unspecified Project Open Defect High

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